Juice Fast with a Twist – Day 1

I woke up all ready to leave for work and I made my first batch of juice for the day –

Here’s what went into my potion. (I source all my veggies from Trader Joe’s, feel free to buy your stash from anywhere) –

1 bag of spinach

1 bag of carrots

1 green apple

2 dijon pears

1 lemon

1 pack cucumbers

1 celery root

What to do – Just juice ’em baby! I have, in the past tried making fresh batches each time I want to drink but the amount of cleaning that goes into making one small batch, wears me out to be honest. And then that results in a huge excuse for ending the fast (in my case)! I prefer to make one solid batch and help that take me through the day. I poured this into my thermos which I bought specifically for this purpose and fill it up to the brim. I then store this magic potion in the refrigerator until it’s time for me to leave for work. It basically slows down the oxidation process when your juice is chilled which in turn helps preserve the nutrients in it.

Now, if you note carefully I only prepared this juice, I haven’t yet consumed it. Yup, this will be consumed through the day whenever I feel like eating something. So I started my day with about a half bowl yogurt (Fage 0% fat to be precise). This gave me my daily jumpstart of protein in the morning. To those who don’t know, yogurt is an excellent source of protein and this brand in particular gives me about 23 gms of protein with just a half bowl and I am FULL for the next few hours. Not to mention it cuts out the sugar craving if any of you, like me, have a sweet tooth. I then went onto packing my juice and dragging it with me to work.

I consumed the juice about every 4 hours and I also had a small cup of latte sometime in the afternoon. I allow myself 1-2 cups of small coffee in a day. Anything in excess of that is not really good for your health anyway. Just remember the key is moderation and of course focus on healthy living. I guess I’ve been sustaining really well through the day. Everytime I thought I heard my stomach growl, I walked up to the refrigerator and poured myself some juice. In the evening I had a nutrition bar – KIND – Pecans & Green Apple. It’s all natural, has nuts and dried fruits in it, gives me adequate sugar and energy and also is absolutely nutritious. This sorta kept the hunger pangs and cravings on seeing warm stringy cheese pizza (it’s floating in my mind but I quash it with the swift movement of a fly swatter) and wanting some yourself. I’m above and over these pangs right now.

Dinner – Snacked on some raw almonds, they tasted so good! I had about two handfuls and I guess you can pretty much have about a cup. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc. are ok. Peanuts are not ok if you are trying to get rid of acne (apparently peanuts aggravate acne), otherwise it’s perfectly great for another new source of protein. Also consumed my other half bowl of yogurt, so that now makes it 46 grams of protein for me in a day, which is great. My last glass of juice was just consumed sometime back and I am feeling perfectly normal. Energetic as usual and surprisingly cleaner internally. Feels like my stomach is liking the rest it gets with all these healthy foods.

I basically feed myself every 3-4 hours so I don’t stay hungry and keep my pangs under check at the same time, the fact that I am feeling cleaner and healthier already with just one days worth of fast, is immensely motivating. Best part, I am not STARVING myself. And yet, I’m pretty much losing all the excess I have stored in my body so far, I know.

Alright, time to head for some midnight work and then I will be off to bed later. More updates tomorrow. I’ll do this with every day’s update but if I were to sum my day in one word I’d say – FOCUSED. Onward! =)


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